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Here is the Comparison chart of 2 most popular P2P programs. If you want to download any games, music, software, or movies you should download this program from or for the following programs, Kazaalite and Edonkey2000


Futures Kazaa    Edonkey2000
Price Free Free
Users 4 millions + up to 100 000 on one server
Viruses Several Few
Compatibility Windows 9x/Me/2k/XP Windows 9x/Me/2k/XP
Music Much Less
Games ALL (most doesn't work :() ALL (all works perfect)
Videos ALL ALL (including most Russian movies)
% of working stuff 10% 101%
Speed  Depends on connection on 56 k - 5kb

On high speed up to 200 kb

Depends on connection on 56 k - 2kb

On high speed up to 60 kb